This painting is in three parts –

First part on the left is “Buddha under the tree:

  • Buddha is the state of mind there is a faint hallow of golden light which resembles the state of awareness and it reminds that its all in the choices you make!
  • Tree resembles the world – people, places, situations around us – we live with them- we are one of them and yet we are all distinct in our own journeys.

Second part is when the “soul leaves the body”:

  • The lotus flower is the metaphor for soul, which is leaving the body and going toward the direction of higher purpose.
  • There is a strong hallow surrounding the head – it is used as a metaphor for – our choices, the way we live our life will stay with the world – will leave imprints!!

Third Part is the “Tree of souls”:

  • This is to depict that like a tree, which grows upward – the soul does too – it progresses and the soul never dies.

Buddha and life.jpg

This is my tribute to your life Indupappa..

You have been and will always be a very special person of my life..

First of all મારી ગળથૂથી તમે કરી.

In 1988 you got a heart attack and we got to spend quite a lot of time together – mumma says you taught me shloks and mantras and i had fairly decent pronunciations in Sanskrit it still stays with me..

I remember all our lunch and dinner table conversations, the walks at sports ground, the bukharo and board games, the stories that you told me, the way you confided in me, your rock solid support for my choices in life – opting for commerce stream, when I wanted to explore the development sector, and my choices of travelling in remotest areas and seeing the world in my own way.

I have infinite memories of you!

When I close my eyes I can still hear your words – I can hear you say “I Love you”

I can hear you say –

# “saha pashyati.. yaha pashyati” – te j jue che je jovo no prayatna kare che.. only he understands who makes an effort to understand – the energy flows where the focus goes.

# Read between the lines – understand the unsaid.

# Maro mitra sir isac newton shu kahe che – My powers are ordinary. Only my application brings me success

#”puchto nar pandit” – questions and inquiry to life leads to knowledge n growth..

# Shankracharya shu kahe che “Aham bhramh asmi – tat tvam asi -so ‘ham” I am Brahma, I am divine – So are you – so are all !! God resides in all of us – we are one soul.

#”shariram adhyam dharmam khalu sadhnam”
of 4 pillars of life physical wellbeing is so important because it’s the Base “the karta”, the vehicle through which attain wellbeing of other three pillars..

#”Satyam vada; priyam vada” – truth – no harsh words

# Shaant Chitt – calmness

# Aanaand Chitt – look inward for happiness – you are happiness

# Thadi ma lidhelu badhu khavu ! – take what you want and finish the last bite of your plate.

# Sambhdo – vicharo – vagodo | Shravan – Manan – Chintan – hear – listen –understand – apply

# stithpragnya -Tranquility – balanced state

# “Man evam manushyanam” – What you think – you become!

# “SWANIRIKSHAN” – Introspection

And so so many more..

From my perspective, I see that you have always guided me to introspect and understand myself more ~ understand different aspects of my life who is guiding me am I taking charge of my life – am I getting too affected by the situations and people around me? Am I able to take charge of my emotions? Am I giving my 100% – my total efforts to be in a state of awareness so I am present in all the decisions I make and there is no room for after thoughts..

Its a long long way to go Indupappa but I promise you I will keep striving – keep moving in the direction – you are no more in the physical realm but your imprints will live in my heart forever !!

Love you.



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  1. v4vikey says:

    Lovely art piece……..


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