Corbett Stories : Bengal Tigers


Last picture of tigers for the Corbett Stories week. This image is too precious to me. And I am sure you all do understand why I say so. We were staying in the Melani forest rest house – we had a day packed of successful sightings – after our dinner we started reviewing the images and thats when I realised the beauty of this particular image.

This picture denotes the unconditional love, a mothers love.  Sharmili was sitting down and Pandit was eating the kill. All of a sudden he came near Sharmili, they shared a beautiful moment-  we were  observing her motherly gestures – the expressions of love and care on their faces left us in awe!!!

I feel lucky to have witnessed the moment and very happy to click it right in time.

With this we conclude the “Corbett stories week:Bengal tigers”. Thank you so much for spending time to go through our blog! your -comments/ feedbacks / watsapp /msgs / Calls/ emails -have surely encouraged us! We are open to your insightful feedback and suggestions 🙂 🙂

Thank you!

Canon 7D Canon 100-400 | May 2016


6th (second last) picture from the Corbett stories: Bengal Tigers.

The tiger week is about to end and I had saved this special picture for today. This image was my first sighting of Pandit and my second tiger in Bijrani CTR. Pandit was walking down the riverbed with Sharmili to feast on the kill.

Pandit is one mighty beast, when he snarls he is just one word “ferocious”. A moment I will definitely never forget.

Canon 7D Canon 100-400 | May 2016


5th picture from the Corbett stories. This is once again Pandit. Thought of sharing a Tiger in its natural habitat. The above picture was taken in the morning safari of Day 2 tour. Sharmili and Pandit were still eating the kill from day 1. This image was clicked when Pandit was walking to the other side of the river to take some rest.

It was a memorable experience to watch a tiger cross the riverbed in all its might & glory.

Canon 7D Canon 100-400 | May 2016

20160507-_mg_90014th Picture from the Corbett Stories. Meet Pandit. Two year old son of Sharmili. This image was  taken on the 2nd Safari of Day 1. Interesting series of events had happened on this day in Corbett.

After starting the 2nd safari on day 1, we were hoping for Sharmili to be around the kill. But she was no where around the kill. We waited for some time and we went ahead to look for her. After taking a round in Ringola area, one of the gypsy told us there are two tigers ahead. We just couldn’t believe what we heard. We rushed off to the spot and indeed there were two tigers walking on the river bed. Sharmili and Pandit were heading towards the kill. In the afternoon Sharmili had gone to the mountains to call her son to share the kill she had hunted. This picture was clicked when Pandit was just about to start eating.

Canon 7D Canon 100-400 | May 2016


Sharmili – beautiful moments in the morning – resting after a tiring kill.

The sight was so peaceful, looking at her paws brought an awe to all of us. Soft and cushiony paws are equally important for the tiger to make a successful kill. The retractable claws are safely tucked in between. The claws only come out when tiger is about to pounce.
 This picture was clicked on the first day of our Corbett Tiger Reserve tour.  Usually it is very difficult to spot a tiger in Corbett and we got so so lucky that on day 1 we were welcomed by Sharmili dragging her kill under the shade. We entered the Bijrani Zone at 07:00 and we spotted Sharmili at 07:15 with her kill, a kill which she had brought down probably around 06:55.

Sharmili thanks for the majestic welcome!! I will remember the thrill of seeing such a scene as my first tiger sighting, forever!

Canon 7D Canon 100-400 | May 2016


Meet Sharmili. She is one of the most photographed tigress of CTR. Her area is around the Bijrani Zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve. She is first tiger I have ever photographed. She has given some stunning moments during our entire tour.

This picture was taken on the day 2, 1st Safari. We were put up at Melani forest rest house the night before. As we entered her area, we were just hoping to see her on the road and we got extremely lucky to spot her walking towards us on the road. I was literally hanging very low from our open gypsy to get a proper headshot and didn’t realise how close she got to me. She was only 10 to 15 feet away from me. Luckily Kaleembhai (our guide) realised this and moved the car back to maintain sufficient distance.

Canon 7D Canon 100-40o | May 2016


This entire week we’ll be sharing a lot of tiger pictures as we want to share our amazing experience of Corbett Tiger Reserve. So do watch this space for some amazing tiger and other Wildlife pictures from Corbett

The Corbett tour happened in the month of May with seven other photographer friends. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. We got extremely lucky with our entire trip because we could spot tigers in 8 safaris out of 10.

This particular tigeress was clicked in the famous Dihkala area of Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand. Tiger’s name is Paarwali (she is normally seen from the other side of river Ramganga). This area is inaccessible to tourists post monsoons because the bridge which connects the two areas gets washed every year and is re-built.

Canon 7D Canon 100-400 | May 2016


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  1. Gazaala says:

    Wow simply wow.. I have no words to describe the beauty you captured.. Great yaar..


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    Wow simply wow.. I don’t have words to describe the beauty you captured.. Great yaar..


  3. Rupak Raj says:

    Wonderful Pic. Lucky guys to have an opportunity to take such wonderful Pic. of wonderful wildlife sanctuary in INDIA. Awesome Impressive work ShimsPankil 👏👏👍

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    Excellent courageous photography.Very nice.

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      Spellbound with images and very beautifully described..Shim pankil ,the blog,the passion is all there..have really no words ..except”we luv u both ,salute you for your top line hobby and sharing it with lovedones ”

      Keep the passion alive at all times and be blesse


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    Excellent courageous photography.Very nice.

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    Amazing and excellent lucky people.

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    Wow….beautiful clicks….really u people r lucky….

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    Super clicks…

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    Hi shimoli after so long time this is realy very fantastic photos of wildlife I also same experience in tadoba forest . Thanks dear for sach amezing picture

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    Keep it up..

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