Asian Barred Owlet

With this picture, we will be uploading a series birds from the Northern India. The areas like Sattal, Pangot, Naukuchiatal are very famous for bird watching. Identified by the very distinct vertical lines below the beak across the body. This Asian Barred Owlet was seen on the outskirts of Nainital.  Canon 7D Canon 100-400 Mk…

Crested Serpent Eagle

Majestic bird found across most of the jungles of India. This bird was sitting quietly on a lower branch of a tree next to the road in the Ringola area of the Jim Corbett Park. We got extremely lucky to click this bird from real up close. Canon 7D Canon 100-400 Mk ii | May…

Sarus Crane

Sarus Crane,  with a height of 1.8 m, is the tallest bird of Indian sub continent. It is said, Sarus’s mate for life. They are mostly found near wetlands and in the paddy fields during the breeding season. Canon 7D Canon 100-400 mk II | Sep 2016

Coming Soon… 

All set for the next trip to Pangoot and Corbet Tiger Reserve!! 

Corbett Stories : Bengal Tigers

Last picture of tigers for the Corbett Stories week. This image is too precious to me. And I am sure you all do understand why I say so. We were staying in the Melani forest rest house – we had a day packed of successful sightings – after our dinner we started reviewing the images…

Peninsular Rock Agama

Spotted this amazing lizard during a trek in Ratanmahal, Gujarat. Its not everyday you come across such vibrant colours in a Lizard in this forest. The males gets such bright colours during the breeding seasons. Was really lucky to spot one. Canon 7D Canon 100-400 | July 2016

A Moment Beyond Words!

 The Beauty of the image is not in the technical specifications or how the colour is nor how the lighting was, it is all about the moment. The moment, a calf trying to understand how to eat grass. Canon 7D Canon 100-400 | May 2016


This painting is in three parts – First part on the left is “Buddha under the tree: Buddha is the state of mind there is a faint hallow of golden light which resembles the state of awareness and it reminds that its all in the choices you make! Tree resembles the world – people, places,…

Corbett Series : Barking Deer

Very Commonly found in the Jungle across Corbett National Park. Normally the barking deers are solitary and are extremely shy. Looking at their size, they seem small but when they see a predator, their alert calls wake up the entire Jungle! Canon 7D Canon 100-400 II | May 2016

Corbett Series : Elephants

Nothing can be more soothing than watching a herd of elephants grazing early in the morning in the vast Grasslands of Dhikala under Corbett Tiger Reserve! Above is a herd of females and a newly born Calf. Canon 7D Canon 100-400 II | May 2016

And the Pink feathers fly by…

Beautiful flock of Flamingos landing in at the Lake in Little Rann of Kutch. A pink under the wings is just too bright to miss! Canon 7D Sigma 150-500 mm | Mar 2016

Common Hoopoe

The Hoopoe This beautiful bird is commonly seen around Vadodara, yet there is something so mesmerizing about this little crested bird, it’s a delight to observe it. This shot is taken 20kms away from Vadodara. Canon 7D Sigma 150-500 | January 2015